Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Love The Way You Lie

Lie to me. 83 million times a day. That's the number of fake Facebook accounts, according to a CNN study. Just last night I came across my daily one: "Southwest Airlines" is giving away free, all-inclusive vacations, all you have to do is post your favorite number, from 1-30. And maybe your dignity. Either way, the troll extracted 250,000 “likes" in 12 hours. 350,000 shares. 50 dupes per minute. Yes, that's almost one every second. Every second, you can see one more victim popping up, right before your eyes. Pop. Pop, pop, pop.

83 million. That's just the known fakes. Either way, it's a large number. It is just over the entire population of Germany. It is roughly 2/3 of U.S. voters. Think about that on Wednesday, when your candidate wins/loses by a landslide/one vote. What are the chances of 83 million Americans being compromised by deliberate misinformation? Let that sink in for a moment. Pop.

Democracy, thy name is pyrrhic. Maybe not in the short run. But the U.S. Founders already knew that, didn't they. Because monarchy. The biggest lie in the history of mankind. Pyrrhic victory it is then, bring it on. Again. 240 years and counting.

For those who are still confused about the Founders lack of trust in "we the people", exactly how much evidence do you need? The Founders did not care about your love / hate relationships with political candidates. They did not trust your dreams of Camelot or their Machiavellian pursuits. They created a robust system like the world had never seen before, and they sent us off with one clear mission: at the worst of our dissent, stand united by choice. In a world of Princes and Kings, be much better than that.

We joke about the vice-president being just one heartbeat away from becoming president. Yet we're oblivious to the dark side behind the joke. Our presidents are just one lie away from becoming kings. Let's just hope the band of gypsies, tramps and thieves we call congress can do the ONE job they were asked to do, be the ONE thing they were designed to be: king destroyers.

For those who feel bad about falling for trollers, scammers, and politicians... don't. You're human, it's OK. Just get up and finish the race.

And for those believe they have a license to lie; yes, you, king makers and king wannabes; cocky that no one can fool you... you missed one. Check the mirror.

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